Nurturing Peace from the Ashes of Violence

Season 9 Episode 48

Guests: Hyppolite Ntigurirwa and Mike Hardy

Seeing your family members tortured and murdered will have a major influence on your leadership mindset. But not necessarily in the ways that you think. 


Hyppolite Ntigurirwa survived the Rwandan genocide as a child. Growing up, he thought of vengeance and retribution. But after encountering exceptional kindness, his mindset shifted – and he now leads efforts for peace and reconciliation. As he reveals his gripping story, Mike Hardy joins the conversation to discuss his friendship with Hyppolite, and his own work in pointing leaders to peace. 

Here’s what Hyppolite, Mike, and Maureen cover: 

  1. The atrocities young Hyppolite witnessed, and why humanity still practices such hatred; 
  2. The simple acts that turned Hyppolite’s heart from revenge to reconciliation; and 
  3. Steps leaders at any level can take to help people remember their humanity. 


Trigger Warning: This episode discusses rape, murder, and other atrocities of genocidal acts. 


This episode was produced in partnership with the International Leadership Association: 


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Mike Hardy and Hyppolite Ntigurirwa

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