One Big Idea: Helping Leaders Focus and Grow Their Organization

Featured Guest: Pete Martin

If you’re a leader of a business or non-profit, how you spend your time has a direct impact on the success of your organization. Focusing on just one big idea instead of scattershot-ting your attention keeps that impact positive.

What you, as a leader, work on minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour, day-by-day matters—and either moves the needle and propels growth or constricts it. For instance, consistently and strategically choosing one “big idea” per month will move a business forward faster than any one particular tactic. Working on one big idea across each pillar of your business – team, customers, capital and strategic execution (and personal mindset) – will lead to exponential growth over time. Pete Martin joins Maureen to share reasons why companies get stuck and stop growing, and what leaders can do to change that.


Pete Martin

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