Outdoor Adventures: A School for Leadership and Discovery

Guest: Ken Wylie

The most advanced and effective leaders have evolved as much as they have developed. That evolution is often fueled by challenges and disorienting dilemmas. We leave our comfort zones and move into areas where we are not the most skilled. This can mean we relinquish our leadership roles and follow others. Some of the most innovative leaders are known for their unconventional activities. These range from performing in rock bands to extreme sports to attending festivals like “Burning Man”. They move out of their regular surroundings and face challenges. They push physical, emotional and often spiritual boundaries. Attendees are rumored to include Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin Group and Larry Paige, Co-Founder of Google. Why? Adventure, getting out of your comfort zone and taking what you learn from these adventures back into your leadership mindset and behaviors enables evolution. Ken talks about his adventures and what he has learned about himself and building leaders.


Ken Wylie

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