Over the Weather: Leadership at the Weather Channel

Season 9 Episode 53

Guest: Sheri Bachstein

Can your business weather the storm? We mean that quite literally!

There’s not a business on the planet that isn’t impacted by weather at some level. Leaders must prepare their organizations for what’s to come. It’s not just obvious climate change decisions, like making sure you don’t build that new factory in a hurricane hotspot. It’s little things, too, like a grocer stocking extra ice cream when weather keeps people indoors and craving comfort food (even in the middle of winter!).

Guest Sheri Bachstein, CEO of The Weather Company (parent of The Weather Channel), reveals the data and insights behind the forecasts that can boost – or bust – your bottom line. Along the way, she share lessons from her own unexpected leadership journey.

Here’s what Sheri and Maureen cover:

  1. How today’s rich weather data can boost your business’ survivability…and profitability;
  2. Why climate change has made crafting a weather plan as part of your business plan an absolute must; and
  3. Realizing that your leadership journey will never be a straight line (and how to maximize the benefits of those inevitable zigs and zags).

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Sheri Bachstein

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