Love at First Slice: Pizza and Passionate Leadership

Guest: Tom Krouse, CEO at Donatos Pizza

Season 10 Episode 8

Lots of leaders claim their products are made with love. Donatos Pizza means it: they practice Agape Capitalism.


As CEO Tom Krouse explains in this episode, Agape Capitalism puts a love of humanity at the center of their company processes and revenue generation. Its origins are rooted in founder Jim Grote’s observations as a teen working in a pizzeria with two owners: one a frugal bean counter, the other a passionate people-person. Sales soared higher the nights the people-person was in charge!


Tom talks about that, his own leadership style, and the parallels between playing music in a band and great leadership.

Here’s what Tom and Maureen cover:

  1. How innovation has always been one of the major keys to Donatos’ profitability and success;
  2. Why the core tenets of Agape Capitalism complement corporate goals so effectively; and
  3. The positive effects the COVID pandemic had on the restaurant industry…and, most critically, on its leadership.

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Tom Krouse

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