Prepare for the Future with Foresight

Guest: Dr. Ciela Hartanov

Season: 9   Episode: 14

Change is accelerating. Volatility continues unabated. And no business is immune. What’s a leader to do?

Develop foresight and become future-ready, of course!  Ciela Hartanov joins us in this episode to detail her practical process for developing foresight. As a futurist, she’s developed many tools for probing potential paths’ future outcomes. She’s distilled those tools into her foresight process. That, in turn, helps leaders adapt their mindsets, enabling them to make their organizations future ready.

Here’s what Ciela and host Maureen Metcalf cover:

  1. The definition of foresight, and what it means for businesses;
  2. How future-ready capabilities increase profitability and growth potential; and
  3. Questioning whether organizations really need a C.E.O. at the top.


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Dr. Ciela Hartanov

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