Recognizing & Managing Triggers in Challenging Situations

Guest: Janet Fouts

We recognize the many layers of stress we are under day-to-day. Those stresses are very real – and often increase as we move up the leadership ladder. That stress has consequences, both physical and mental. What can we do?

Janet Fouts has distilled some very simple tools that can help us be less reactive and more responsive to what life throws at us. They’re based on her deep dive into mindfulness as she dealt with the extreme stress of working as a full time digital marketer while caring for a dying partner. In the process, she learned that when we are aware of ourselves, we have better opportunities to understand others, making us better leaders, communicators, and partners.

Here’s what Janet and Maureen cover:

  • How to recognize, and deal with, the triggers that can set you off;
  • Ways to learn mindfulness in easy microsteps; and
  • Why work meetings cause so much stress (and why Americans do meetings so poorly).


Janet Fouts

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