Running an Agile Company – Holacracy and the Zappos Story

Guests: Brian Robertson & Alexis Gonzales-Black

Today Brian and Alexis will talk about their experience with creating and implementing Holacracy in some of the most progressive organizations like Zappos. During this show we talk about the organization of the future and how Holacracy fills a major role in building thriving organizations of the future. Holacracy is one of the best organizational frameworks I have seen to create agile/nimble operations. Topics will include: 1) What is Holacracy? 2) Why Holacracy? 3) Why now? 4) Who have you worked with? I have read about companies like Zappos – can you share more about who choses Holacracy? 5) What are the pre-conditions to consider this approach? 6) Can you tell us more about the Zappos implementation?


Brian Robertson, Alexis Gonzales-Black

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Holacracy, Thriving organizations, Future of organizations, Why choose Holacracy, Timing of Holacracy adoption