Leadership Myths & The War on Truth

Season 9 Episode 44

Guest: Paul Gibbons

What happens when you apply hard science to leadership? A lot of truths turn out to be unfounded myths.

Paul Gibbons, who strides both the corporate and consulting worlds, dug deep to uncover those myths, particularly as they affect change management. From flaws in personality assessments to the ineffectiveness of adapting to learning styles, Paul reveals many of the major workplace myths he’s uncovered researching his latest books.

Here’s what Paul and Maureen cover:

  1. Why Meyers-Briggs tells you what you already know;
  2. Understanding the human element in change management; and
  3. Why it’s so important to be a LIAR (and what that really means!).

Language Advisory: The language in this episode is rather salty; s**t is sprinkled liberally throughout.

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