Seeking Success in Simplicity

Guest: Rini Das

Simplify. Streamline. Succeed. Seems simple enough, but most big organizations do the opposite, bogging teams down with more and more complexity. But as the world itself becomes more complex and changes (like AI) arrive more rapidly, resilience is absolutely key for any organization’s survival – much less success!

Rini Das knows complexity; she worked in healthcare early in her career, which has layers upon layers of processes. Fortunately, she knows simplicity and resilience, too. In this episode, she reveals the ironies and challenges faced by leaders striving to create simpler, more adaptable companies in the face of VUCA. She shares solutions, too!

Here’s what Rini and host Maureen Metcalf cover:

How to foster resilience – making your organization strong against the unpredictable;
Dissecting the potentials and pitfalls of using AI to revolutionize your operations; and
Your role in confidently steering your team through changing tides.

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Rini Das

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