Shaping Companies to Navigate Industry Transitions

Guest: Joe Gallo

As effective leaders, it is critical to recognize and anticipate market shifts and proactively position companies to be nimble, but stable, during these times. Joe Gallo is known for his ability to shape companies to thrive in the face of industry transition. He is also community focused – building community partnerships. During the interview we explore Joe’s experience with large scale industry change and how community involvement has contributed to the success of the Dispatch Printing Company. We discuss: 1. The bulk of you career has been spent in companies and industries that were either emerging like the internet or changing like media. What qualities do you think are most important to drive change in this environment? 2. Your work at the Dispatch Printing companies leverages the community as a whole – building on public and private partnerships – can you share some of that work and why you think it contributes to a healthy ecosystem and translates to business success?


Joe Gallo

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Global Leadership, Leadership Development, New Economy, Organizational Transformation, Workforce Development


Effective leaders, Industry transition, Shape companies, Large scale industry change, Healthy ecosystem