Social Enterprise: A Key Foundation to Meeting Nonprofit Mission

Guest: Charles Gehring

A key element of community success is the work that happens at the intersection of business, nonprofit government, and community organizations that allow the improve the health and living conditions for vulnerable members of society. Chuck Gehring, CEO of LifeCare Alliance, talks about his work to run one of the only agencies in the country that takes all applicants without a waiting list. Nonprofits are turning to social enterprise, combining profits made in the for profit arm of an organization to the work of the nonprofit arm of the organization. Life Care Alliance meets half of its funding needs from social enterprise. The services they deliver save the state approximately $70,000 per year per service recipient based on their “Meals on Wheels” program and other services. The meals are delivered by volunteers, many from local corporations. Volunteering gives companies the opportunity to build stronger teams and allow employees to see the impact they are making directly.


Charles Gehring

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