Strategic Supply Chain Management: Tools and Impact

Guest: Dave DuBose

Dave and Maureen discuss Dave’s experience with supply chain optimization and talk about what leaders should be thinking about with regard to how effective supply chain management contributes to accomplishing overall organizational strategy. When done well it is cost effective and attracts limited attention. When done poorly, it damages company’s reputations. Dave will share his experiences of strategic solutions and pitfalls.

Topics include:
1. What role does supply chain play in business? In society?
2. What trends are you seeing in supply chain work and how will it change the supply chain practice in the next few years?
3. What are common business issues that companies face in supply chain optimization?
4. What innovative solutions should companies be considering?


Dave DuBose

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Developmental Perspectives, Innovative Leadership, Leadership Development, Organizational Transformation


Supply Chain Optimization, Organizational Strategy, Strategic Solutions, Business Role of Supply Chain, Innovative Solutions