Supply Chain Innovation: Orders Can’t Be Filled with Stagnation

Guest: Mike McLellan

Season: 9   Episode: 15

Supply chain disruptions: they’ve been at the top of the list for leaders’ anxiety in nearly every sector for years. Will it ever get better?


Yes – if you’ve learned lessons from COVID and other supply chain disrupters. That’s the advice Mike McLellan has for leaders. A vice president of operations for DHL Supply Chain, Mike discusses the innovations DHL and others are implementing: from rapid responses to exoskeletons for warehouse workers. If your organization relies on supplies – and few organizations don’t – this is a must-listen episode!

Here’s what Mike and host Maureen Metcalf cover:

  1. How COVID-19 exposed weaknesses that had been brewing in the supply chain for years;
  2. Why having a single-source supplier looks great on the balance sheet, but is quite costly in reality; and
  3. The critical role of resilience for companies’ future survival.


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