Synergise! Defining 21st Century Leadership Part 1

Guest: Dr. Robin Lincoln Wood

As a futurist and leadership scholar, Robin has worked for decades dedicated to understanding how leaders develop and transform their organizations, communities and ultimately the world to thrive. During this interview, Robin discusses his latest book – Synergise – 21st Century Leadership. Robin starts by describing the book and why it is so important during our current era. This discussion explores among other topics, why it is important to move beyond basic sustainability toward thriving. He then talks about one of the frameworks in the book focused on developing organisation, called 6C’s: Context, Combinations, Constraints, Containers/Platforms, Catalysts, and Connections. Robin explains the “6C” model and gives examples of how he uses it to help organizations move to thrivability. This book and conversation are intended to provide tools for busy leaders to use in navigating their biggest challenges.


Dr. Robin Lincoln Wood

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