Synergise! Defining 21st Century Leadership Part 2

Guest: Dr. Robin Lincoln Wood

As a futurist and leadership scholar, Robin has worked for decades dedicated to understanding how leaders develop and transform their organizations, communities and ultimately the world to thrive. During this interview, Robin discusses his latest book – Synergise! – 21st Century Leadership. We discuss the following: 1. How can your process help those aspiring to level 5 leadership to redefine success for themselves and their organisations? 2. How do the 4 C’s (consciousness, capabilities, cultures and creations) impact leadership development? 3. In your fourth book “The Great Shift- Catalysing the Second Renaissance”, you sketched out a BIG VISON for the future of business and human civilisation in 2050. How close have we come to actually realizing that vision? 4. You write and speak about co-creating a thriveable future by 2050. In your book Synergise! you have set out Six Pathways to the future that leaders and organisations can position themselves on. What are they?


Dr. Robin Lincoln Wood

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