Tales from the Top: How Leaders Use Stories

Season 10 Episode 12

Guest: Dr. Tanvi Gautam, Senior Faculty at Singapore Management University

How do you lead: with your head or heart? Left-brain or right? For the best leaders, the answer is “All of the above.”

From the art of conversation to discovering (and sharing) your organization’s story, guest Dr. Tanvi Gautam talks with host Maureen Metcalf about her head-and-heart-based approach to leadership development – and why adding creative “right brain” thinking to business’ usual analytical “left brain” logic leads to better teams.

Here’s what Tanvi and Maureen cover:

  1. The five conversations teams need to have;
  2. Why your business’ survival depends on the concept of future-fluidity; and
  3. How your story, and your organization’s, gives you and your team purpose.

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Dr. Tanvi Gautam

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