The Columbus Way: Developing and Sustaining a Region

Guest: Alex Fischer

Under Alex’s leadership, the city of Columbus and the central Ohio Region have grown dramatically in ways that Harvard Business Review talks about as “The Columbus Way” in their case study about the Columbus Partnership, a group focused on increasing the vitality of the region. The Partnership originated with 8 CEOs and is now a group of 65. Alex will share the Columbus mindset and the fabric of the culture that makes others want to emulate it. He will also talk about the current and future focus as the leaders of Columbus and the region join together to address challenges faced across the country and globe by creating local solutions. Alex discusses: 1. The “Columbus Way” referenced in the HBR Case study; 2. How are the city, businesses, civic organizations and non-profits partnering to anticipate and proactively address disruption? 3. Biggest accomplishments; 4. Smart city project; 5. Biggest goals going forward Alex shares his insight in building and sustaining a thriving region.


Alex Fischer

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