The Five Lost Superpowers

Featured Guest: John Reid

Adulthood is kryptonite.

We’re all born with superpowers.  Curiosity is the most easily recognizable.  As children, we’re flooded with it.  But as adults, instead of being rewarded for having a million questions, we’re expected to have the answers.  Leaders, in particular, believe they should have all the answers.

Your superpowers are still there, and truly great leaders know how to unlock them.  John Reid will help you rediscover yours, too!  Author of The Five Lost Superpowers, Reid joins host Maureen Metcalf to identify the powers we’re all born with…and to provide some basic tools to reactivate them so you can achieve your full potential, personally and as a leader.  And when you do that, you’ll help the people around you achieve their potential, too!


John Reid

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