The Power and Promise of Generation Z Part 2

Featured Guest: AnneMarie Hayek

Older generations view Gen Z as having their eyes glued to their smartphones.  While those phones are a window on the world no other generation has encountered, it means they’re more likely to see the world for what it is, warts and all.  And that exposure to the world and its diverse cultures makes Gen Z more ardent in resolving life-threatening issues like climate change and racism…driving them to make real life better.


AnneMarie Hayek is returning to the show to continue our conversation about her research of GenZ.  In her book, Generation We, she joins forces with thousands of Zs to tell their powerful story—a story that impacts all generations.  In her return visit, we discuss how leaders we can attract and lead Gen Z, how Gen Z’s unparalleled exposure to diversity shapes their priorities, and how this generation will impact the arc of humanity for generations to come.


AnneMarie Hayek

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