The Power of Passion & Perseverance: Four Levels of Grit

Guest: Jim Ritchie-Dunham 

There’s more to grit than determination – a whole lot more.  Knowing that can help you harness this incredible power of passion and perseverance.

Building on the work of Angela Duckworth and her seminal book, guest Jim Ritchie-Dunham shows how there are four levels of grit in an organization…an insight which dovetails neatly with his own work in ecosynomics.  Leaders often unknowingly determine how it cascades through various parts of their business – but because they’re not aware of it, they may be reinforcing the wrong kind for a particular department, team, or employee.  That results in inefficiencies, lower staff engagement, and the loss of talent.  But all of that can be boosted when grit is recognized and deftly applied.  Dig in to a deeper understanding of grit with Jim Ritchie-Dunham and host Maureen Metcalf!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  1. The four lenses for viewing and identifying the grit in your team, and throughout your organization
  2. The unstated social agreements you have with every single person you work with, and
  3. How the best leaders see grit in their teams.

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