Thought Leadership: Spiritual Intelligence transforms Leadership

Featured Guest: Cindy Wigglesworth

Cindy talks about her foundational view on different intelligences, spirituality, and the spiritual intelligence framework. She provides great insight into how multiple intelligences impact overall development and how they link to leadership. She will then talk about the transition from emotional intelligence to spiritual intelligence (SQ).

I selected Cindy as a guest because I respect her as a thought leader, find her interviews interesting, and I like her SQ21 tool that brings spirituality and leadership together using a practical and quantifiable framework.

She discusses the following: 1. What are multiple intelligences, and how do they develop? 2. What is the connection between EQ and SQ – how the SQ model leverages the 21 competencies 3. Explain more about SQ and the SQ21 assessment. 4. How does SQ relate to leadership effectiveness (why should I care as a leader)? 5. How do you use the assessment to help leaders understand their strengths and how to develop?


Cindy Wigglesworth

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Multiple Intelligences, Leadership Development, Leadership Effectiveness, Spirituality in Leadership