Thrive at Hilton: Relentlessly Improving the Workplace

Guest: Laura Fuentes

Season: 9   Episode: 17

Joy, learning, friendship: that’s how Laura Fuentes believes the ideal workplace should be. When she arrived at Hilton, Laura found a culture and leadership team that was thinking along the same lines. Since then, she’s been instrumental in guiding the growth of that culture into one of inclusion, wellness, growth, and purpose – the four pillars of Hilton. It’s just one way Laura and Hilton commit to the well-being of Hilton’s employees. The goal: make Thrive at Hilton something every employee feels every day. Laura shares that journey, which has plenty for you to learn from to make your organization a thriving place, too!

Here’s what Laura and Maureen cover:

  1. How Thrive at Hilton has 100-year-old roots, when Conrad Hilton shared his belief that travel is the key to world peace;
  2. The incredible value of a human-focused work culture; and
  3. How that culture boosts the company: “If your team members feel respected and heard, that’s how they’ll make your guests feel, too.”


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