ThriveAbility – A Deeper Dive Into What is Required to Thrive

Guest: Dr. Robin Lincoln Wood

The gap is widening between what needs to be done to enable 9 billion people to thrive on Earth by 2050, and the current business as usual outcomes we are generating. Closing this gap will make the difference between a thriving human civilisation on a thriving planet by the end of this century and the end of human civilisation as we know it. Business, governments and civil society all have a key role to play in closing this thrival/survival gap. During this conversation Robin discusses 1. The 6 capitals equation – this is the new normal for leading thinkers for governance. 2. How we are going to make this happen? 3. What does regenerative and inclusive look like to different people at different stages of development in different cultures? 4. How fast we are going to make this happen, and will that be in time? 5. What type of leadership is required to make it happen? Robin is a fast paced speaker whose show provides insight and thought provoking call to action!


Dr. Robin Lincoln Wood

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Innovative Leadership, Leadership Development, Leadership Trends and Strategy, Organizational Transformation


Thriving human civilization, Different cultures and stages of development, Leadership for change, 6 capitals equation, Key roles of business, government, and civil society