ThriveAbility – What Do We Need to Do to Transform?

Guest: Dr. Robin Lincoln Wood

Earth’s 7.3 billion citizens are currently consuming 1.6 planet’s worth of resources, thereby guaranteeing runaway global warming, climate change and suffering for billions in the next few decades. Such a wicked problem needs a whole new kind of leadership, capable of thinking and acting on a planetary scale while maintaining local viability. Now Imagine … a world powered by renewable energy, where all human beings thrive in resilient habitats; where businesses operate in a circular economy that regenerates natural capital, without a particle of waste, and are led by enlightened leaders whose goal is to maximize the ThriveAbility of all their stakeholders. Robin and his organization have framed six desiderata by which we can measure the endpoint of the ThriveAbility Journey toward a regenerative, inclusive economy. Six desiderate will be on


Dr. Robin Lincoln Wood

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Global warming, Renewable energy, Regenerative economy, Resilient habitats