Tool Series: Principles of Reciprocity and Liking

Guests: Brian Ahearn & John Petrucci

Brian will kick off the tool series talking about using liking and reciprocity as key elements in the larger field of persuasion. Brian shares his experience with multiple clients using the Cialdini method. He talks about reciprocity as a concept then provides rich examples to illustrate reciprocity and make it practical for leaders to apply.

Brian will answer the following questions: 1. In leadership why are relationships so important in today’s business environment? 2. Let’s talk more about liking and reciprocity Starting with liking, how can people get others to like them more? 3. How can a leader use reciprocity to be more effective? 4. Let’s talk about how a leader can engage reciprocity further. Can you share some examples? 5. When it comes to liking some leaders believe it’s not their job to be liked, just to produce results. Why would someone with that attitude want to engage liking?


Brian Ahearn, John Petrucci

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