Transforming IT using Agile and Lean Principles at Nationwide

Guest: Guru Vasudeva

As a CIO with Nationwide, Guru Vasudeva shares his extensive experience with implementing lean and agile practices across a large IT organization. He shares his challenges, recommendations and financial and quality results. He answers the following questions: 1. Does lean only apply to operations? 2. What results has Nationwide been able to achieve through Lean IT? 3. As a CIO – how have you changed your leadership style to run an organization that is using lean and agile? 4. How does lean relate to innovation? 5. What advice you have for CIOs who are embarking on a Lean transformation?


Guru Vasudeva

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Developmental Perspectives, Innovative Leadership, Leadership Development, Organizational Transformation, Technology & Leadership


Agile practices, IT organization, Leadership style, Lean IT, Lean transformation