Using Brain Science to Enhance Leadership

Guest: Gary Weber

Gary Weber and Maureen Metcalf talk about leader ego development and development beyond ego through and how brain science impacts this development. When we talk about Level 5 Leadership from Good to Great – many people think of humble and tenacious. Building true humility is more than acting like you are humble, it is transcending traditional ego structure, a process that is foundational to developing into a “level 5 leader”. This development comes in part from cultivating an ability to rewire our brains. Gary will share his expertise on the following:  1. When we talk about changing – you have mentioned some things change quickly and others quite slowly and the rate is linked to our survival. Explain how this relates to leader development. 2. Why would anyone ever want to have a less ego-centered process? If the ego wasn’t necessary, we wouldn’t have one. Look how powerful our species has become…we dominate the planet. Why change?  3. What is this process and can I do it?


Gary Weber

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