Vertical Development: A Critical Element To Building Highly Effective Leaders

Guest: Mike Morrow-Fox

We have talked extensively about the leadership skills required to handle the increasingly complex work challenges with an accelerating rate of change, interconnected workplaces across the globe and increasing pace of technology. A key question for companies who believe they need to develop leaders to remain competitive is what is required beyond what we are already doing? We explore: 1.What is vertical development? 2.Why does it matter? 3.How does it relate to leader 2050? 4.Can you explain the process? 5.Can you give some examples of specific tactics? 6.What can companies do to leverage this as part of a comprehensive leadership development program? Mike and Maureen explore how vertical development is required to build the mindset and competencies leaders require to navigate this complexity and create long term thriving enterprises.


Mike Morrow-Fox

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