What are the worlds top leaders focusing on in 2017?

Guest: Dr. Dale Meyerrose

Over the past two years, Maureen conducted 100 weekly interviews with top executives, academics, consultants, and diplomats from around the globe. For the 100th anniversary, she synthesizes the key themes and summarizes key learning during these interviews. This interview focuses on what top thinkers and leaders are focusing on. They continue to build their own inner capacity to deal with life’s challenges, they are staying current on a broad range of topics that impact their organizations from technology to geopolitics and they are focusing on evolving their organizations to remain successful as the ecosystem in which they operate continually changes. One of the most important take-away’s is that while we are facing unprecedented challenge, there are amazing people thinking about these issues and experimenting with solutions to solve our biggest challenges.


Dr. Dale Meyerrose

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Staying current, Technology, Geopolitics, Evolving organizations, Biggest challenges, Solutions