What is the Organization of the Future?

Guests: Daryl Peterman & Mike Morrow-Fox

Abrasive Technology (AT) that has made the leap from traditional organization to an “agile”/nimble organization. This responsiveness pervades the people, the culture, and the processes like hiring and employee evaluation. Responsiveness is something that is “crafted”. Daryl and Mike Morrow-Fox will discuss characteristics of the organization of the future and discuss the evolution of Abrasive Technologies. They will answer the following: 1. What does the organization of the future look like? 2. What specific in AT that represent an organizational evolution? 3. Tell us about the transformation process This will be an interactive discussion exploring why AT selected many of the approaches they did and Daryl’s underlying beliefs that fueled the transformation.


Daryl Peterman, Mike Morrow-Fox

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Developmental Perspectives, Global Leadership, Innovative Leadership, Technology & Leadership, Workforce Development


Abrasive Technology (AT), Responsive organization, Employee evaluation, Evolution of Abrasive Technologies, Organizational evolution