What Leaders Won’t Talk About When Scaling a Business

Guest: Greg Moran

When young companies scale their business, there are many challenges…some obvious, and some no one talks about. Greg Moran joins the show for a discussion about the topics that are often avoided.  Some have even been considered taboo!  We’ll learn about back-office processes and tooling, hiring and diversity, space: culture and people, keeping the value chain in balance, pricing and value creation, establishing ESG processes, and minimizing distraction. It’s a primer for entrepreneurs on the threshold of growth!

Here’s what Greg and Maureen cover:

  • The struggles that happened before the start-up success stories everyone publicizes;
  • Why scaling the back office is just as important as scaling your product or service; and
  • How truth with your growing staff is critical to continued success.


Greg Moran

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Board Leadership, Developmental Perspectives, Leadership Development, Leading with Care, Team Effectiveness, Workforce Development


Back-office processes, Tooling, Hiring, ESG processes, Value chain, Staff management