Winding Career Paths to Success

Guest: Sherry Peck

Sherry and Maureen will talk about how careers evolve. Most of the leaders I have coached or worked with, when they look back at their careers, indicate that they didn’t imagine being where they are or that the short term decisions would turn out the way they did.
Sherry will discuss interviews she has conducted with a range of women and also ask Maureen to share more about her career progression. We invite you as our listeners to reflect on the these questions for yourself and chart your own history.

1. What key career moves have you made and what prompted them?
2. How did you get to your current role? Did that role even exist when you started college?
3. How did early influences get you where you are now?
4. How do you learn and what inspires you now?
5. From a foundation of success – what is next for you? Are you focused on legacy? If so, what is that legacy?


Sherry Peck

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