Workforce Demographics and an Inclusive Culture

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Featured Guests:

Nadia Younes, Gamiel Yafai, & Louise Carvalho

Slow as molasses.  That’s one way to describe how leaders have responded to the rapidly changing workplace.  The work environment was already changing before the COVID pandemic; now, there’s no going back to the old “industrial” model.  It doesn’t meet rapidly evolving employee expectations nor the major shifts in workforce demographics.  That, in turn, means the Great Resignation should have come as no surprise at all!

The new, effective workplace models all embrace DEI: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.  Inclusive business cultures hold many advantages for staff, leaders, and profitability.  From morale to a broader pool of leaders, the benefits are impactful.

How does it work?  Nadia YounesLouise Carvalho, and Gamiel Yafai use CERN, Europe’s particle physics research center, as a launching point to explore inclusiveness with host Maureen Metcalf.

Here’s what Nadia, Gamiel, & Louise cover:

  • While Gen Z gets all the press, leaders must learn how to juggle the wants and needs of five different generations overlapping in the same workplace;
  • Why – despite the old-school wishes of CEOs like Tim Cook, Bob Iger, and Elon Musk – workers and the workplace have changed forever; and
  • With the decline in church attendance and other traditional social arenas, how the workplace has become most people’s place of “community.”


Nadia Younes, Gamiel Yafai, & Louise Carvalho

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