Workforce Education: A New Roadmap

Featured Guests: William Bonvillian  & Sanjay Sarma

Technological advances are putting quality jobs out of reach for workers who lack the proper skills and training. From pre-K through college and on-the-job “”professional development,”” the United States’ old-school education system simply isn’t up to the task.  Universities, for example, can no longer be havens of academic theory and football; enrollment will begin to trickle over the next decade as college grads become too unprepared for the modern workplace.

We need a roadmap for a new workforce education system to rebuild America’s working class, tackling inequality by equipping our workers for twenty-first-century jobs. The post-pandemic workplace requires us to train more workers more quickly, using innovative methods. William Bonvillian and Sanjay Sarma — both of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) – join host Maureen Metcalf to share various ideas on the new roles community colleges, employers, governments, and universities need in workforce education, as well as new education technologies that may be adopted to deliver such training.


William Bonvillian & Sanjay Sarma

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