Working Together: Leading a Hybrid AI-Human Workforce

Guest: Greg Moran

Season: 9   Episode: 18

Odds are Artificial Intelligence isn’t going to replace you at work. It’s going to join you.


Greg Moran sees AI integrating much the same way breakthrough technologies always have. It will help us be more efficient, and help leaders make better decisions. Of course, it’s not all rasterized rainbows and Unix unicorns; to thrive, people will have to be able and willing to continually learn new skills and processes. In short, the obsessively curious will rise to the top. Greg shares the details in this episode.


Here’s what Greg and host Maureen Metcalf cover:

  • How generative AI has already proven it can give you a competitive advantage by helping you make better, faster decisions on quality information, but…
  • …be careful! AI won’t make those decisions for you!
  • Why continually growing, learning, and adapting are top skills for career success (and coasting at work is no longer an option).


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