You Are Enough, You Are Worthy: Leadership Lessons for Women

Guest: Betsy Myers

Season: 9   Episode: 11

We may gripe about the pandemic, but it gave us one very positive change for women in the workplace: flexibility. It also highlighted for everyone that old-school leadership won’t cut it anymore. Betsy Myers says head and heart leadership is the model for today’s leaders. It fuses data-driven strategies and decisiveness with qualities such as warmth, compassion, empathy, and collaboration. In short, the head sets the purpose for an organization, but the heart engages your people to follow and bring their best selves to the team.  Here’s what Betsy covers with host Maureen Metcalf:

  1. Change is inevitable…so successful leaders embrace it;
  2. The impacts of holding on to an old-school leadership style (and why it’s the #1 cause of leadership failure!); and
  3. What Head-and-Heart Leadership really means.


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Betsy Myers

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