Effective coaches accelerate your development! They offer frameworks, ask the right questions and provide a sounding board for you to test your ideas.

Leadership is a skill to be learned and practiced. Many talented professionals have become experts in their respective fields and have not yet built their skills as leaders to the same degree they have built other skills. We help leaders navigate this complex process using proven individual and team coaching processes and structured methodologies. It is through coaching and development that you and your team both learn the frameworks and continue to build strong leadership mindset and skills. Ongoing coaching support combined with assessments, tailored learning, practice, and introspection build strong professionals into strong leaders.

To learn more about our integrative approach to coaching, listen to our founder talking about coaching in the video recorded at the Innotech Conference by Web 2.0 TV.

Our individual and team coaching is based on structured processes that serves as the foundation of our work with you. The individual coaching process was published in several books on Innovative Leadership co-authored by the Innovative Leadership Institute founder, Maureen Metcalf. All coaching starts with you clarifying your vision of what success looks like when we are done. We then assess your current and future states so we can identify the gap that coaching will close. The Assessment process generally involves a combination of tools to get the clearest possible picture and focus our work on highest impact areas. One of the key values of these assessments is to help you build individual and organization self awareness. Based on your results and a comprehensive gap analysis, we will create a development/action plan.

Our coaches have strong leadership backgrounds – they have walked in your shoes and succeeded! Our coaching often focuses on helping leaders build their leadership skills in service of stepping into a new role or leading a transformation in their organization. They build the leadership required to accomplish their organizational goals. The Institute has a strong focus on combining the rigor of well researched processes and proven organizational success with practical approaches and solutions into the coaching process.

We complement the structure with our own expertise and stories of how others have overcome similar challenges through the 175+ hours of interviews with successful executives, academics and thought leaders. This interview library allows you to learn from top leaders across a range of fields about their challenges and how they overcame them as well as listen to top authors about their latest publications focused on several facets of organizational leadership. This library is based on interviews Maureen Metcalf conducted for Voice America. The combination of coaching and skill building accelerates your ability to accomplish your coaching goals.

We partner with Skillnet, providers of an online platform that empowers companies to engage employees in their own self-development and gives managers and coaches the tools and data they need to support growth and development. Skillnet is an ideal technology and process to manage and develop the skills and performance of your leaders and workforce. This platform offers skill and competency libraries, quick and comprehensive assessments, development plan goal setting and progress tracking, and manager and coaching dashboards. The platform can be configured to support individual and group coaching programs.

What is the ROI of Coaching?

Leadership coaching has emerged in recent years as a popular—and powerful—way to develop leadership skills. ROI studies conducted by MetrixGlobal, LLC, over four years clearly demonstrate that leadership coaching consistently delivers business value. The ROIs have generally been in the range of 500% to 700%.

PriceWaterhouseCoopers and the Association Resource center concluded that the mean ROI for companies investing in coaching was 7 times the initial investment, with over a quarter reporting an ROI of 10 to 49 times.”

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