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Building Ethics Builds Your Business

In cartoons, people with an ethical dilemma have little advisors pop up on their shoulders: one good and one bad. It’s not that easy in business. Society no longer has just one ethical framework. There are dozens, so which do you choose? Greg Moran, Executive-in-Residence, Former Sr. Executive at Ford, Chase, Nationwide, and more, says […]

Discover the Wealth of Your Team’s Talent

Would you like to be valued for being you rather than for being your job description? That’s a personal benefit of working in a skills-based organization. For the company, that kind of recognition brings better engagement, more productivity, and increased innovation. A skills-based orientation goes beyond job titles and descriptions. Instead, it assesses the talents […]

Why Your New Job Is CSO (Chief Storytelling Officer)

Where is leadership bred: in the heart or in the head? That may modernize Shakespeare’s original question, but it’s essential to ask in an era when many leaders live by numbers, analytics, and logic (and are asking AI to boost that). In our podcast, Dr. Tanvi Gautam, senior faculty at Singapore Management University and program […]

When Innovation (and Profit!) Can Save the World

What if your business’ success could save the world? That’s the underlying theme in our podcast episode with Borealis Foods CEO Reza Soltanzadeh. As a young doctor working with Doctors Without Borders, he saw first-hand the effects of poverty on health…and determined to do something about it. With Borealis Foods (NASDAQ: BRLS), he has…in the […]

Leadership & the Art of Ethical Persuasion

It sounds like a Zen riddle: “Does a leader make a sound if there are no followers there to hear?” Followership is the most critical part of leadership—and your ability to influence is the most critical part of gaining followers. But aside from Dale Carnegie, who talks about influence and persuasion, especially in leadership circles? […]

It’s Your Decision: How Corporate Boards Use AI

Is your board of directors ready for the future? Are you? AI is creeping into the boardroom. In fact, one company now has an AI bot on their board! That shows AI issues are now fiduciary and ethical considerations for any board member, yet few directors are truly future-ready. Our guest, Helle Bank Jørgensen, has […]

How Donatos Pizza Balances 60 Years of Innovation With Steadfast Values with CEO, Tom Krouse

Most business leaders believe in capitalism, but which one? Corporate, free-market, or state capitalism? There are many more, and each one requires different leadership. With this week’s podcast episode originally posted on Valentine’s Day, we’ll look at Agape Capitalism. As guest Tom Krouse, CEO of Donatos Pizza, explains, it centers on a love of humankind, […]

Right Honourable Kim Campbell Discusses the Climate Overshoot Commission Report

One of the most challenging aspects of leadership is inheriting the problems of your predecessors. Great leaders, though, always look at the bigger picture – so they take responsibility for these problems they didn’t create and forge solutions for the organization’s greater good. Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun embodies this: he wasn’t at the company when […]