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Can You Hear Her Now? A Former Member of Parliament Shares Her Journey

Celina Caesar-Chavannes, Former Member of Parliament for Whitby, author of Can You Hear Her Now?, Senior Advisor, Cultural Transformation and Strategic Initiatives, and Adjunct Lecturer at Queens University joins the ILI podcast, Can You Hear Her Now?, This episode was produced in partnership with the International Leadership Association as part of their 25th Annual Global Conference […]

Leading a High-Stress Team: Former Police Constable Discusses Merits of Meditation

The tech industry painted a stereotype of a play-filled office with air hockey and ping pong or calming communal workspaces with sleep pods and yoga mats. For most of us, that remains a dream. For police and other first responders, it can’t even be a fleeting thought: from “Karens” to crooks, it’s a high-stress day […]

You’ve Got a Lot of Nerve! A Discussion with Women Who Went First With Two University Presidents

Forging new territory is always hard. Forging it as a leader is even harder: your team, stakeholders, and critics are all watching you. Now, imagine you are in new territory! For women entering the still-heavily male-dominated C-suite ranks, scrutiny and pressure are extra intense. Any stumble prompts mutterings of “What do you expect with a […]

Is Your Leadership Still Relevant? Leadership Scholars Provide Their Insight

The world has changed dramatically in the last few years. That’s a given. But too many of us don’t realize that effective leadership has changed dramatically, too. While leadership development is crucial for organizational success, many programs fail to catalyze real change. They’re too often based on old concepts that focus on the individual rather […]

PRESS RELEASE: Insightful New Book “Innovative Leadership & Followership in the Age of AI” Updates Leadership in the Digital Era

In an era where technology is driving the need for transformation at an unprecedented pace, traditional leadership models demand a profound evolution. Innovative Leadership & Followership in the Age of AI: A Guide to Creating Your Future as Leader, Follower, and AI Ally is the latest addition to the renowned Innovative Leadership series. Authored by a […]