A Senior Consultant’s View: What Drives Successful Transformations?

Guest: Kathleen Bergen

Many organizations are facing complex large scale change initiatives. We have talked about innovation, agile organizations, the future of the organization and future trends. Kathleen Bergen shares her experience leading large projects and give practical insight. She will answer the question – what do I need to know before I start a project that will increase my likelihood of success during the project and sustaining the progress we made after implementation. Here are the main conversation topics: 1) What are the top 5 drivers of successful implantation 2) What causes failure – explain the top 5 barriers to success 3) What do you wish clients knew and understood at the outset? 4) If you could hand out a magic pill that made sure they understood two key points – what would those be? 5) What needs to happen to support value realization after project completion? 6) If you were to share 1 success and 1 failure – what would you want others to learn from your successes and struggles?


Kathleen Bergen

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Drivers of successful implementation, Causes of failure, Success and failure, Learning from experiences, Project success