CIO Tomorrow Conference

Guests: Thai Lee & Dr Dale Meyerrose

This interview is recorded live at the CIO Tomorrow Conference on April 14, 2016. It includes conversations with two keynote speakers – Thai Lee and Dr. Dale Meyerrose talking about disruptions in the technology industry and their views on how to run organizations that will thrive in and era of rapid disruptive changes. In early 2015, Fortune magazine sent a survey to each of the Fortune 500 CEO’s, asking in part what their companies saw as their greatest challenge. Not surprisingly, the largest response was the rapid and disruptive pace of technological change. Those CEOs knew that disruption creates pivotal points at which normal patterns can no longer reasonably be maintained. Their concerns about how these new advancements will impact the future expectations of their companies, both from a capabilities and a consumer point of view, are important perspectives worthy of serious consideration. Change is a choice, not a mandate. Organizational health is driven by this choice.


Thai Lee, Dr Dale Meyerrose

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Disruptions, Technology industry, Rapid disruptive changes, Technological change