Cyber Security: Thriving in a High Threat Environment

Guest: Dr. Dale Meyerrose

Leaders will better understand the nature of the threats we currently face and how to take proactive steps to optimize organizational success by taking advantage of the cloud and at the same time protect organization’s critical to position to run efficient and effective organizations. During this show, Maureen Metcalf and Dr. Dale Meyerrose discuss several questions raised by an executive forum to provide a perspective from senior leaders: 1. Overview of the cyber security landscape – what is real and what is hype? 2. Address specific questions from the executive forum members about cyber security. 3. What should leaders and boards be thinking with regard to cyber security? This session provides listeners with a strong foundation to understand and plan their next steps required to keep their organizations operations and data safe.


Dr. Dale Meyerrose

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Cloud technology, Effective organizations, Cyber security landscape