Elevate Your Business: Be More, Achieve More with Chris Cooper

Guest: Chris Cooper 

Whether you run your own business or work for someone else, you’ve probably got a lot on your plate. Along with the portion of your work that you truly feel like doing comes a generous helping of things you’d rather not do. With many businesses failing in their first few years, failure to do some of these things may even lead to the failure of your business. Chris talks about how to turn good intentions into action so that you can be as successful as possible in the work you do. Chris co-wrote The Power To Get Things Done (Whether You Feel Like It Or Not) with Dr Steve Levinson, a clinical psychologist based in Minnesota, what inspired the book and collaboration. We will discuss: 1. What stops people getting the things they want to done? 2. How should people go about setting clear intentions? 3. Strategies in the book to help us to get more done? 4. What strategies Chris personally applies and how they help him? During this interview, Chris will share actionable ideas!


Chris Cooper

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