Empowering Yourself and Overcoming Impostor Syndrom

Guest: Rebecca Hall Gruyter

With Rebecca’s experience leading women’s empowerment network and extensive work with entrepreneurs, she will share her story of overcoming challenges and stepping forward in her life to make her unique impact in the world. Her journey involved overcoming significant fear and changing her thinking about who she was and what she should be doing in the world. She needed to address these fears and like most of us manage through her fear about each of her next steps. With each next step, she fought, bargained then surrendered to what she was being called to do in the way she was being called. Each step allowed her to get closer to her “why” in life – her authentic purpose. Rebecca’s story is inspirational on many levels and gives practical guidance for moving forward to live your highest impact life.


Rebecca Hall Gruyter

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Developmental Perspectives, Resilience, Women in Leadership, Workforce Development


Self-transformation, Changing mindset, Empowerment network, Fear management, Women's empowerment