Executive Perspective: Exceptional Nonprofit Leaders

Guest: Charles Gehring & Dr. Rustin Moore

Many of us have structured giving plans to maximize our donations based on causes we believe in. By listening to this show, you will have an understanding of what exceptional nonprofit leaders are doing (CEO and University Dean). Both of these leaders are providing highly innovative services to meet community needs and collaborating to ensure people and pets in Columbus, Ohio receive care. 1. What characteristics are you most proud of as leaders? 2. You both offer creative services that are best in class in the US and highly innovative – please share more about what you do and how you fund your services 3. How are LifeCare Alliance and the College of Veterinary Medicine partnering to ensure seniors are able to care for their pets. 4. Many of our listeners are corporate leaders – what would you like your corporate counterparts to know about nonprofit leadership? Some of these counterparts also serve on nonprofit boards – what do you wish board leaders were thinking about?


Charles Gehring, Dr. Rustin Moore

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