Executive Perspectives: CEO of NexDefense

Guest: Michael Sayre

“Mike talks about his keys to success and about his current company, NexDefense. In an environment where cyber security is a hot topic, Mike’s company is positioned to help resolve one of their biggest risk elements. Mike will share his insights about being an executive and growing NexDefense.
I selected Mike as my guest today because he has been a role model for me for many years. He consistently demonstrates a high degree of emotional intelligence combined with a level of analytical rigor that makes him unique in my experience in growing and turning companies around. 1. What is NexDefense and what needs does it fill/problems does it solve in the marketplace? 2. What attracted you to this company? 3. You have been CEO and/or President of multiple companies that you have led through major transformations – what would you want to share with our leaders about your most valuable lessons in this process? 4. What is the culture and how does that contribute to success?”


Michael Sayre

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