Executive Perspectives: Driving Successful Growth and Profitable Exit

Guest: Hugh Cathey

Hugh and Maureen will talk about how he developed his unique leadership niche as well as what he does to scale companies and prepare them for a profitable exit.

Questions: 1. What was the most formative position you have held?
2. What are the primary factors you consider when working with a client?
3. How important is leadership in scaling a company?
4. How do you define effective leadership?
5. How did you build your leadership?
6. What do you consider when taking a client?
7. What causes you to turn down clients?
8. What do you do that sets you apart from other leaders and growth consultants?
This is a generative and open conversation with a highly effective CEO, board leader and consultant. Hugh talks about how he developed personally and who influenced his success as well as how he selects leaders to drive the ventures he supports.


Hugh Cathey

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Leadership niche, Leadership in scaling, Selecting leaders, Effective leadership