Expecting the Unexpected: VUCA in Action at Red Roof

Featured Guest: George Limbert

The pace of change in the world is rapidly increasing, and there’s no slowing it down. VUCA – a program developed by the U.S. military – is a way of identifying the disruptions of change…and, more importantly, of being ready for them.

We’ve talked about the theory of VUCA before (see our interview with Chris Nolan posted September 6, 2022). In this episode, George Limbert talks about VUCA and its antidotes practiced in the real world. George is the head of Red Roof Inns. The COVID pandemic presented a sudden onslaught of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity for the entire travel and hospitality industry worldwide. Yet Red Roof emerged from the pandemic with some of their best financials ever.

How? George and his team were VUCA-ready. He shares his experience and business-tested VUCA antidotes in this episode so you can prepare for the uncertainties to come, too!


George Limbert

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Innovative Leadership, Leading with Care, Resilience, VUCA and Disruption


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