Leadership Insight: Dedication to Truth, A Civic Responsibility

Guest: Katherine Tyler Scott

As leaders, it is imperative that we are continually committed to understanding the truth. Since we continue to learn, this translates to a commitment to update what we think and how we lead. Effective leaders must continue to evolve and face the difficult realities so that they can inspire and lead others around them. As citizens, we must be committed to being engaged, we must learn about the issues that impact us personally and those that impact the broader community and vote for some balance between personal gain and collective gain. Katherine talks about how we become more informed. She leads a “book group” for women where they study the constitution. She sees the constitution as a contract between our elected officials and the governed. As a smart citizen, we should understand the contractual arrangements we are engaged in. This interview interweaves her broad range of experiences in leadership studies, running a company and promoting civics and civility.


Katherine Tyler Scott

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